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What is our aim?

All theoretical and practical knowledge in accordance with the standards required for the correct and safe use motorcycle motorcycle is transferred to the user.

Education Why is it necessary?

If used wisely, the motorcycle is a transport vehicle that will enrich our lives. Starting from this basic TMA (Orange Motor Vehicles) Training School formed and began to develop the idea. The main objective, never met a motorcycle, little experience and / or giving training to people with many years of motorcycle experience to increase the use of bikes in Turkey and awareness to reduce accidents and injuries.

TMA first Istanbul by Training School 'has been created with the training programs implemented as the content of training programs and modules are known worldwide.

5 Key Objectives for Education:

To learn about the proper use of motorcycles,
more closely to understand what it means safe driving,
Learning the characteristics of motorcycles,
How to evaluate your driving abilities to realize,
recognize potential hazards or obstacles you might encounter while driving and suddenly find out the remedies.

Our country has given initial training to be taken only by the many drivers license theoretical and practical courses, but unfortunately a fact about inadequate training. illiteracy among the main causes of motorcycle accidents, giving lessons and courses in order to take the driver's license just inexperience counted.

as TMA Training School; To reduce accidents, prevent injuries and risks After receiving your license must continue to minimize the motorcycle training we advise. Please note that you must have the necessary information about your motorcycle before you choose your bike will help you be even more enjoyable and safe driving desire. What's your height at the beginning of the motorcycle you need to consider when deciding whether it is appropriate, your weight, that is located to conform to your physique. This will be the right place TME education you can decide.

TMA Training Modules

TMA Basic Training

Motorcycle is intended to meet new participants. To participate in this training is a prerequisite to have basic balance skills on the bike. This tutorial motorcycle meet, daily checks to be made motosikletd correct seating position, operation-stop is located motorcycle steering and braking issues. Basic Training is realized as 1 full day in an enclosed area to traffic.

TMA Safe Driving Training

Do you have a familiarity with motorcycles for a while, you can use the speed of the motorcycle; If you actually know that you have your completely personal effort relies on experience and techniques that get results; If you already take motorcycle driving training but you still find it inadequate training you if you motorcycling experiences or receive or motorcycling techniques and if you want to take to a higher level your skills, we think it would be the best choice of education. We recommend that even if you are using a large volume of motorcycles over the years is that you participate in this training; because we believe that a parallel transport of large low speed driving skills gained through experience in the long road to traffic conditions in the closed environment of traffic they bring to people. min to participate in the training of safe driving. 1000 -1500 km. speed motorcycling experience is required tmayol Driving Training

I have also developed their own education I received on my experience quite myself, but I believe I can maximize my talent level as it finds the opportunity to practice, "said TMA Path Training is designed for those who think. Theoretical information is mainly an education that develop through practice. The condition of being joined TMA Safe Driving training for participation is required.