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Here is a summary of the qualifications specified in the lease terms are for preliminary information. All terms and conditions are mutually lease to be signed immediately "Car Rental Contract" and annexed "Car Rental Terms and Conditions" and is valid.
1. Driver's License & Age
Drivers of scooters and at least 1 month license for mopeds group vehicles and at least 18 years, the economy, at least 2 months driver's license and at least 21 years for compact vehicles and motorcycles, standard and higher group vehicles at least 3 months driver's license and the least 25 years, luxury and driver's license for at least 5 years and a minimum age of 28 for high band instruments and must be holders of a valid national or international driver's license. Please let us know if you are 75 years senior, age restrictions may apply in some regions.
2. Minimum Rental Period
The minimum rental period is 24 hours. less than 24 hours in a 24-hour rental fee applies.
3. Included in the Price / Non
Included in the price: unlimited mileage, third party (traffic) within the insurance (the legal limit), not covered by insurance (for cars), KDV, local taxes, helmet. Long-term rental special rates and conditions applicable (minimum 30 days).
not included in the price: Fuel, personal accident insurance, automobile insurance (mopeds, scooters and motorcycles), optional insurances, one-way rental fee, optional extra services (eg additional drivers, baby and child seats, navigation equipment, helmets, protective clothing etc.), parking fees, highway tolls, office / airport pick-up and delivery vehicle outside the borders fees.
4- Payment Terms
Tools to guarantee bookings and prices, at least 50% of the total rental fee can be requested when booking pre-payment amount and the remaining balance is paid on delivery of the vehicle. If all of the rental fee can be requested if there are less than 3 days sırasındaalışı your reservation. Visa / Master credit cards for payment (10% bank commission is applied), cash, bank transfer is accepted. Payment can be made only as per local currency credit cards.
Deposit Terms: Car rental return in damage not covered by insurance, misuse failure, missing fuel, rent day extension for unpaid traffic fines, etc. The minimum delivery of the vehicle from the customer's credit card for additional costs (1000 to 2000) will be taken as per collateral provision. not be collected without authorization guarantee card, the lease term is blocking the amount of collateral. The amount of guarantee may be higher in some vehicle groups. This is to hire a minimum of 6 months beginning on the customer's behalf, which is valid and available limit Visa / Master credit card information is added to the rental contract. credit card, the original delivery of the vehicle, the owner and the information is not available if the vehicle can not be canceled by the rental and reservation cancellation policy. Cash deposits will be accepted.
5. Insurance Information
a) Third Party (TPL) Insurance:
Customers rent the vehicle (mopeds, scooters and motorcycles INCLUDED) to third parties, other vehicles, Traffic Insurance for material and moral damage caused to the property meets current rate limits. damages will be determined limits on the law is the responsibility of the customer.
b) Accident Insurance (CASCO)
Only valid for cars leased by the TMA, mopeds, scooters and motorcycles are not covered by this insurance. Leased cars in collision damage will occur, immediate damage to our company be given the necessary information and alcohol, from the moment of injury include traffic reports delivered to our office about the case within 48 hours. According to the rented car group, the portion between the first $ 500 and $ 1,000 damage will occur is covered by insurance deductible, it belongs to the customer. Optional additional insurance fee exemption, exemption Insurance (Super Collision Damage Waiver) can be purchased at the start of rental insurance. Accident Insurance (Insurance), mechanical failures can be caused by operating errors, key loss, spare / implement / license / hubcaps / wiper / antenna loss, incorrect refueling, lights and radio / CD player open forgotten as a result of battery costs will occur, rubber splitting the, breaking the windows and headlights, child seat, navigation system, radio / CD player, etc. theft of equipment, loss, damage, return the vehicle in the car hairdressing tool will require cleaning up dirty cleaning costs due to the extradition does not meet cigarettes / floor burns. According to the traffic accident reports, due from customers 100% of the damage to be defective or vehicle expenses outside the coverage of the duration or length of time until you are ready to re-rent to be spent in the vehicle's service as a job loss, calculated from the daily rental fee of the lease contract is charged to the customer.
c) Theft Insurance:
Only TMA (Orange Motor Vehicles) is available for lease by the cars, mopeds, scooters and motorcycles are not covered by this insurance. The key customers in rental duration of the car and the car is parked, forcibly stolen, and the nearest police theft report / taken from the gendarmerie station within 24 hours if notified our company vehicle cost the insurance exemption fee from düşülük (1000 TL 3000 TL relative to the vehicle group) meets the next part . The key to the vehicle must be returned to our company by the customer, otherwise theft insurance is invalid. by key customers outside itself if given to a third party or loss of the key results of the stolen vehicle insurance is considered as breach of trust and theft to theft and vehicle cost paid by customers. with job loss between the time the car is stolen to pay the cost of car insurance will be charged to the customer as compensation. Customer's liability is limited to a maximum of 30 days. Motorcycle theft exposed in insurance (in the street, open space) does not pay the insurance theft. The edildig motorcycle parking places should be closed and cabin park ...
d) Waiver Insurance (Super CDW):
Only valid for cars leased by the TMA, mopeds, scooters and motorcycles are not covered by this insurance. damage collision will occur economical and compact car group in the 1000-TL, standard and large baggage car group in 3000. TL, minibuses and luxury group in cars 5000-TL Motorcycle 150 cc, manual motorcycles of up to $ 2000 YAMAHA X-MAX 250 CC SCOOTER, s 3000 £ 250 £ 3500 AND 1000 in CC motorcycles portion accident insurance (CDW) insurance is covered by the exemption. Customers rental starting at an additional cost optional exemption scheme (Super Collision Damage Waiver) when purchased, will not be held responsible for the above fee exemption.
e) Rubber, Glass, Insurance (LCF)
Only valid for cars leased by the TMA, mopeds, scooters and motorcycles are not covered by this insurance. Clients hire will occur in non-accidental situation by paying additional fees at the beginning of tire punctures, broken glass headlamps and the optional LCF (rubber, glass, headlights) can buy insurance.
f) Personal Accident Insurance:
Only valid for cars leased by the TMA, mopeds, scooters and motorcycles are not covered by this insurance. of passengers in the rented car within the limits specified in the insurance policy will cover the costs of treatment. This insurance may not be available in all offices or can be purchased additional purchase cost.
Important Notes:
To be valid insurance, or alcohol, the driver of the accident to be under the influence of any drugs, do not exceed the legal speed limit, to use outside tools highways, kept the time the accident of traffic and alcohol report, to be delivered to our office within 48 hours and lease agreements in the name not be used except with written, No transport outside the vehicle license specified payload vehicle to the crash site abandonment and must be notified to the nearest office. Recognition of damage and void the return of the vehicle in case of damage insurance required to report and declaration of immediate damage not covered from insurance.
6. Customer Responsibilities
a) The car is the customer's responsibility, along with accessories and switches. Keep locked up in every situation you can use the tool and you have been given or vehicle-mounted safety device available to use it. you must protect the vehicle against bad weather conditions that could cause damage. Be sure to use the correct and proper fuel. Check the oil level and tire to keep the level required.
b) Confidence is the responsibility of the customer to use the vehicle and road conditions, obeying the speed limit.
c) As long as the lease, as the location of the owner of the vehicle, the vehicle must use Highway No. 2918 dated 13.10.1983, obeying traffic rules Traffic Act and numbered 26901. Then any crime to occur, parking tickets, traffic fines are the responsibility of leakage ETC transitions belong to the customer and HGS. In addition, if requested, you are responsible for your Holiness and to give all requested information about additional drivers on your side. This information is the responsibility of all of you and you do not fully complete by the case. Because of the requirement set forth in this paragraph, the car returned to the TMA will remain in effect until the lease.
d) vehicle bridge, pit and hit the low-level places such as bumps, responsibility for all damages caused by the damage these places use that may occur as a result of water entering the vehicle's engine or other parts because that could result from the use of land and in the sea belong to the customer. You will need to do any modifications to the vehicle.
e) any part of the vehicle and can not sell, rent, or you can not pull the hand. You really know their legal rights on any person in the vehicle and you may not assign your right.
f) on any person's car without written permission given by TME you need to let him work. If we give you approval, expenditures for work performed will be paid to you if you documentation.
g) If you detect any problems related to the vehicle, you must immediately alert the TMA. Under no circumstances brake for safety reasons, clutch, gearbox or engine oil coolers complete the liquid level. any warning light on the dashboard is lit or low oil level, please contact immediately with TMJ is illuminated.
h) car rental specified in the Contract, where the customer is, in our normal working hours, it is necessary to bring. By controlling the condition of the vehicle, our employees must be received or seen by people who we authorize. If the vehicle status you if we agree with you on how to return outside working hours If you are or tool to be able to control, by whom we authorize or our employees until the determination of the case you will be responsible for any losses arising in the period.
i) Due to changes made outside our car in the approval, expenses are going to do to return the lease before the state (for example, extra repair time or required materials and tools) or you have to pay an acceptable damage costs, in case of damage to the vehicle.
j) before returning the vehicle in ediniz.araç check whether you have any personal belongings not accept liability for any forgotten personal belongings.
k) Moped, scooter and motorcycle riders need helmets because traffic rules and must use their own security.
7- Additional Drivers
Rental car drivers can be used more by outside hired one additional driver. it is necessary to record the lease for an additional driver to use the vehicle. It may be an extra charge for additional drivers. Customers at the time of booking or rental start can purchase this option. Additional driver's license and must adhere to the criteria of age. If the ID is not specified in a driving accident insurance Rental contract will be void and all damage costs will be paid by the customer.
8. Flight Information
in turn lease the airport and delivery is the responsibility of the right to inform customers when booking their flight details and hours. If the information is not available when booking flights, the vehicle is at least 24 hours before the delivery of flight information to be reported to us. Otherwise, flight information is not reported in time or due to changes in vehicle delivery or our company will not be responsible for any problems that may be experienced in return and pay any fees.
9. Car Delivery & Returns
The cars will be leased our office or your address, you can surrender and return airports. in the presence of TMA office, in office hours, office 5 km. at distances of up to not be delivered or refunds. Delivery and return address of 5 will be charged per kilometer in case of over £ 1.5 km.n. except for airports, delivered outside of office hours and the return is subject to a surcharge.
10- One Way Rental
If the vehicle returned to the place where a different city from the central office of the TMA, this type of lease is called a one-way rental. The distance between the delivery and return of the city in this type of lease km. one-way rental fee is calculated by multiplying the per £ 1.- added to the rental fee. This fee covers the cost of services needed to be taken to the reception office of the rented vehicle.
11. Vehicle Group / Model
Certain car model and brand can not be guaranteed. Desired groups and properties are guaranteed (compact, A / C, manual transmission, automatic transmission, ABS, etc.). In cases may occur for reasons beyond the TMA hand (late or damaged vehicle from a previous client, dizziness, technical failures, force majeure, etc.) reserves the right to modify the vehicle equivalent or higher group.
Late 12 / Early Returns
When Late Returns: Tools mentioned in the contract return hour later returned, delays of up to 1 hour, given when approved by us in advance, at no additional charge. 1 with delays of between 3 hours, the daily rental rate per hour for each hour of delay 1/3 up to an additional charge. 3 hours or more will be charged an extra day of delay. Contact the lessor can not return the vehicle without notice and can not extend the lease period without the approval of the TMA. TMA agent reserves the right to approve the lease extension if necessary to ready for the next reservation.
Early Returns: the delivery of a written lease / return in the early hours of non-refundable fee returning a rental car.
13. Vehicle condition
The vehicle is delivered to the customer in case, license plates and toolboxes should be returned to the present. It can not be removed by normal washing, cleaning fee cases requiring auto hairdresser also be charged.
14. Fuel Policy
Vehicles will not be rented with a full tank. Car rental starting in the fuel tank level However, non-refundable is required at the same level. The missing fuel surcharge charged on vehicles returning to the missing fuel in the vehicle's return special damping. Please buy fuel according to your needs; returning excess fuel in the vehicle fuel will not be refunded. Or you can order prepaid fuel to be charged on the rental start. Car rental in demanding fuel before leaving (1/4, 1/2, full tank) delivery fee is charged in advance by filling in the vehicle. Prepaid gas service, you need to bring your rented car with an empty tank on the turn with the purchase; returning excess fuel in the vehicle fuel will not be refunded.
15 Traffic Fines
Charter traffic rules violation that may occur during your ethics, traffic fines (MoBeSe included footage could not be notified to you), highway / bridge / parking fee belongs to the customer. The penalty you pay on time, traffic / criminal tax authorities may be communicated to our head office as the owner of the vehicle and lease finished, even if you are charged with the interest and service charge occurs later. Please do not have to pay additional interest and penalty fees by paying on time.
16. Output Abroad
It can not be moved to a rental car abroad. Otherwise, insurance and expired vehicle cost would be obliged to pay the customer.
17. Cancellation Policy
You can cancel the reservation according to the cancellation policy, giving customers advance notice. If you have to cancel your reservation, they charged a cancellation fee according to the time remaining until the date of purchase TMA car rental.
- Cancellation fees: deposit fee for cancellations made 0-2 days before the start of rental or 2 day rental fee (whichever is higher) will be charged. 3-6 days before cancellations made 1 day 7 days rental fee or $ 25 administrative service fee will be charged for cancellations made more ahead.
-Early in returning rental of the vehicle reservation date and / or time of the late receipt, in case of receipt of the vehicle at time of booking without notice (no show) and is non-refundable for cancellations made after the rental start. All cancellations must be submitted in writing or via email to the address info@turuncumotor.co (+ 902123472676 & + 905 321 554 111). Cancellation requests TMA 'will be processed as soon as it reaches to.
TMA can provide their services in other locations outside the office as a means of partner car rental companies car rental service. Our partner in our company through lease with the company, the current lease terms of tenants. Price, general information, terms and conditions subject to change without notice and may vary according to their office locations. Our website and our prices can be updated periodically.
18. Contract Termination
Failure to comply with the following main conditions, TMA contract is terminated unilaterally.
a) If the customer does not pay rent on time, the contract would be no warning and without the need for notice of termination. In this case, the customer has to return the vehicle immediately. Failure to return the vehicle to the crime of abuse of trust of the tenants officially recognized and committed. Customer response to the debt in the event of any property subject to the lien or detected by such a subject that was communicated to the customer TMA, TMA terminate the contract unilaterally.
b) If the customer is a commercial company, TMA terminate the contract unilaterally in the following cases:
• In the process of liquidation of the firm's clients, my trustee, is the trustee of the goods or follow-up,
• The customers of the company have gone to legal means to deal with creditors,
• Identification of the goods that the confiscated money to the debt,
• Failure to comply with the terms of this agreement.
c) the unilateral termination of this Agreement shall not affect the TMA to collect your debts arising from this contract. If the customer is entitled to demand additional fees from the TMA customer does not fulfill the main requirement of this agreement are reserved. The vehicle is retrieved from the customer and the customer may be subject to additional charges because of the development of this condition.
d) the customer after the asking of this agreement, although the contract finished though, accept that you have to protect the vehicle in a safe manner and to deliver it to the nearest office.
19. Jurisdiction
This contract will be evaluated according to the laws of the Republic of Turkey. In case of any disagreement, the customer, the law of this country and Istanbul Enforcement and accept the authority of the court declares.